Delusional Forest (2012)

by Rudras

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First Single 2012


RUDRAS – Delusional Forest

Verse 1 (G)
Dark dimensions are colliding
Storms of fury and denial
Carve the path with the temptation
(Escape in silence)

Wishes are no longer living
Mirrors call the unforgiving
(In) tides of loss and desperation
(Where is my way?)

Bridge (M)
Seek the light, (in) nothingness
Grasping leaves: vacuum!
Seek the light, (in) nothingness
Grasping gives: nothing!

Verse 2 (G)
Moon and alcohol are liars
With the face of your desires
Come to me, soar into darkness
(I will not drown)

Everything you’ve always wanted
Now is trapped behind the curtains
And the eyes of the betrayers
(I close my eyes)

Pre-Chorus (M)
When the stars will not receive
All your prayers and your fears
Ask yourself for your today
Search continuum, rip the page

Chorus (G)
Will not neglect
This darkness in me
For some quest
Delusional, forest in flames

And when the sun sets
My ears will no longer
Be one with your feelings

Poisoning memories
Erasing faces
Burning the bridges
That led us astray



[Pre-Chorus] (x2) 1M 1G

Chorus 2 (G)

Will not neglect, this darkness in me
Will not evade, this sore sorrow and pain…

For some quest: Delusional forest in flames…
Your fake quest: Delusional forest in flames!

Post-Chorus 2 (G)
And when dark towers
Fall crushing this nightmare
This shell will be death

Melting the cores
And destroying the senses
Realms will be crushed
By the weight of our flames


released June 6, 2012
Lyric: Johan Adrían
Music: Findecano



all rights reserved


Rudras Caracas, Venezuela


Death Melodic Metal Band

Rudras is: Johan Adrían (Vocals), Findecano Tasartir (Guitar), Luis Andreani (Guitar), Daniel Velasquez (Bass Guitar), Kabir Velasquez (Drums)
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